Sell Vortex Pressure Fan

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Motor: The electric motor was especially designed and manufactured for these
BSD-series fans wIth highest efficiency in mind, performing in heavy-duty. Desrt-like
circumstances. To guarantee highest reliability. All our motor are IP 55 execution and
class "F" isolation for tropical conditions.

Blade: The 6-bladed propeller is made of aluminium/magnesium alloy.

Bearing: The driven central pulley its exclusive and reliable configuration with only
one ball bearing applied by us since 1979 and the fanblade mounting supports are
made in diecase aluminium alloy. Abslutely rustproof, allowing for a fast and simple

Shutter: Shutter blades made of galvarised steel with lower noise and strong
pressure fearures.

Mass: The BSD fan is characterized by its unique shutter blades opening and
closing system through a no-dynamic non-rotative arrangement of masses This
system guarantees trouble-free operation for many years.