Sell W(Tungsten) (F-ST-1018)

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Tungsten is a very hard, heavy, steel-gray to white metal which has the highest melting point (3422 C) , lowest vapour pressure, and the highest tensile strength at temperatures over 1650 C of all metals. It has excellent corrosion resistance and can only be attacked slightly by most mineral acids.

The essentials:
Chemical formula: W
Color: Greyish white, lustrous
Atomic number: 74
Atomic weight: 183. 84(1)
CAS registry number: 7440-33-7

We supply a wide range of tungsten products including powder, wire, foil, sheet, plate, rod, strip, boats, crucibles, tube, electrodes, alloys and etc.

1) Tungsten powder
2) Tungsten wire
3) Tungsten rod
4) Tungsten strip
5) Tungsten plate
6) Tungsten tube
7) Tungsten standard parts
8) Tungsten electrodes
9) Tungsten boats&crucibles
10) Tungsten alloys (W/Mo, W/Cu)

We also supply customer-made tungsten products upon your request.