WATER PURIFICATION MOBILE UNIT You May Also Be Interested In: brackish brackish water membrane filters water purification water purification unit
The complete water purification and revitalisation unit.
The unit is composed of a container with reverse osmosis disk membrane filters with a water evitalisation unit , a water intake system, a diesel engine with generator to produce electricity and a diesel tank and a water tank all mounted on wheels.
The systems makes all waters to a drinkable standard ,
from sea water , brackish water , sewage water , chemical poluted water . It blocks practically all chemicals such
as fluor, arsenic , phenol etc.
The obtained water is revitalised and of such quality
that it even increases the productivity of fruits and vegetables comparable of high quality compost.
This water is life ! Volume can be from 50m3 per day to
500 m3 per day or more.
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