Sell WBZ series stabilized soil mixing station

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WBZ SERIES STABILIZED SOIL MIXING STATION is professional equipment system for mixing of road surface basic materials, it is used for highway building, roads in cities airports as well as sea ports projects.
1. Main mixer adopts double horizonal axises, continuous stylewith no scaleboard. It is easy to maintain, and can mixing the material well-proportionedly, an of high productivity.
2. Material carrier uses building block style system, which can be moved easily and can work with different machines!
3. Electronic measurer, which can make sure most precise result and can change the mixture ratio fastly.
4. Adopts Industrial PC from Taiwan which can manage the whole precess of the production, it can be manual or all-auto controlled. PLC is from Mitsubishi.
5. Frequency control or electromagnetic or stepless speed regulation. Frequency conversion transducer is imported from Germany or Japan, main electron elements is of Schneider brand.

ITEM WBZ300 WBZ400 WBZ500 WBZ600
Productivity (t/h) 300 400 500 600
Material Diameter (mm) <=60 <=60 <=60 <=60
Material tank volume(M3) 3*9 4*10 4*12 4*12
Products tank volume (M3) 6 6 8 8
Material Measure Precision(%) <13 <13 <13 <13
Cement Measure precision (%) <11 <11 <11 <11
Water Measure precision(%) <-1--+2 <-1--+2 <-1--+2 <-1--+2
Mixing roll rotating speed(r/min) 70.8 73.8 52.8 53.8
Cement tank volume(t) 50 50 100 100
Power (kw) 88 98 158 168
Weight(kg) 39000 41000 51000 54000