Sell WD-Satin Nickel Electroplating Additive

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WD-Satin Nickel Electroplating Additive

The WD-satin Nickelplating have some characteristics such as fine crystal, milk white colour-gloss, soft and smooth gloss as silk-satin, glittering and translucant, sating but not contaminate hands print, noble and elegant, comfortable impression, wide spreade used for auto-mobile, precision instrument, camera, food and beverage tableware, room decorating and decorating of small hard-ware products.
1. Fine crystal, low internal stress, good corrosion resistance of the plating.
2. Easy to manage, less decompose products, not require filte at each day, long large treatment period, simple to operate save cost for the bath.
3. May plate various decorating plating such as gold, silver, bronze, black-nickel chromium etc.
The formulations and operation conditions
Composition of the bath Range Optimal
Nickel sulphate(NiSO4 7H2O) 380 - 460 g/L 420 g/L
Nickel chloride(NiCl2 6H2O) 30 - 50 g/L 40 g/L
Boric acid(H3BO3) 35 - 45 g/L 40 g/L
WD-A 0.5 - 1.5 ml/L 1 ml/L
WD-B 5 - 15 ml/L 10 ml/L
WD-C 3 - 6 ml/L 4 ml/L
PH 4.4 - 4.8 4.6
Temperature 52 - 58 0 550
Dk 4 - 6 A/dm2 5 A/dm2
Electroplating time 3 - 8 min 5 min
Mechanical agitate Slow cathode movement
Filte Discontinued filte using cotton core
Preparation of the bath:
1. Add 2/3 total volume of distillntic water specified and heat to 650.
2. Add boric acid calculated into the plating tank after agitate to complete dissolved, add nickel sulphate and nickel chloride measured, agitate to complete dissolved and dilute to specified volume.
3. Add 2-3g/L activated carbon, after agitate be filte, then be electrolysis using low current for 24h.
4. Adjust PH to about 4.6.
5. Adjust bath temperature to 550.
6. According to use amount of WD-B 10ml/L, and WD-C 4mlLl, put WD-B and WD-C calculated into plating tank, agitate to uniform.
7. According to use amount of WD-A 1ml/L, take needed WD-A and ditate 10-20 time using distillatic water, under intensity agitate slow add into plating tank, promote it uniform disperse, ready for trial production.
Maintenance and management of the bath
1. Periodic analysis the content of bath compositions and adjust to process range.
2. When add WD-A require ditute 10-20 times using water, then add into bath, the bath using activated carbon treatment add WD-A recording to amount of bath preparate, the bath using filting core add WD-A according to 1/2 amount of bath preparate. Normally, consumble on the milk-whiteness of plating when start plate at each day, be add as conditions.
3. Wastage of WD-B flexible agent is 150-200ml/KAH, generally be add in small and freqenent, after activated carbon treatment, as 1/3-1/4 amount of bath preparate be replenishes.
4. WD-C distrubutor may enhance pearly effect in low current region, and can increase the eleganteness of the plating use combined with WD-A may replenishes as the results of Hull-Cell test.
5. If wish to increase pearlized speed or increase milk-whiteness may replenishes WD-A or WD-C.
Note: this specification is based on our company expirement and informations for reference only.
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