Sell WDW-20 universal testing machine

WDW-20 universal testing machine
1. computer system The machines adopts DELL computer with 512M RAM memory, 80G hard disk, 17 inch flat monitor, Dell company provides three year free services, its quality is reliable, and we will upgrade computer system according to customers need.
2. load system In load system we adopt Matsushita servomotor, inward no-spaced variable speed transfer system and ball screw, which can precisely transfer force and displacement.
3. electric system electrical elements which possibly contact with person body are supplied with 24V power source, it has not dangerous to operator; electrical elements are brand name products so as to lower fault rate.
4. control system Self made PA-201 card (PCI) integrates multiplex D/A converters and amplifiers. Amplifiers are all digital elements, none analog device, which ensure circuits stability. Control software is programmed with DELPHI language, so it has the advantage of high operating efficiency and high expandability; The software is matured by ten years constant revision, there is original control algorithm in the software, and the software has the advantage of stability, easy of use, easy of expandability, intelligence.
*. Feature: 1. For control system, the testing machine adopts modular design method, so has the advantage of concise structure, good compatibility and stability; the actuator adopts PANASONIC motor to keep machine reliability and stability;
2. There are three control modes: constant stress, constant deformation, constant displacement in control system, While there is constant displacement control mode in light-tonnage testing machine, users can customize their testing program by the above control modes according to their need ;
3. The stress test space and compression test space is separated in mechanical layout, which ensure well work;
4. The testing machine has the resolution of 1/120000, it has the function of AZS and automatic shift, and it is easy to scale testing machine;
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