Sell WDY-500A(300A) micro-electric

WDY-500A(300A) micro-electric You May Also Be Interested In: surveying instrument
To measure area of plant leaf (alive or not alive) , abnormity, figure quickly, used in agriculture, forestry, weather.
WDY-500A(300A) micro-electric
area meas
1, measuring area
500A<=500cm2 (three range)
0-500cm2 0-300cm2 0-150cm2
300A<=300cm2 (two range)
0-300cm2 0-150cm2
2, error not exceed 13% of full scale
3, display-LCD
4, distinguish- 1cm2 (MIN)
5, accumulate memory-65535cm2 (MAX)
6, display memory
7, Size:
500A: 420W340W110(mm)
300A: 340W300W100(mm)
8, measuring:
Area (cm2) Error (cm2)
0-150 15
0-300 19
0-500 115

9, Weight: 500A: 2.7kg 300A: 1.8kg
Harbin Optical Instrument Factory founded in 1966, located in Harbin which is the beautiful ice city in China. We have been appointed by the China official to produce the surveying instrument and become the leader surveying instrument producer in China.