Sell WG5 Pneumatic cement conveyor system

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features and applications
Horizontal feeder is an advanced kind of pneumatic transportation with fluidization. The fluidized bed is unique and efficient. The product is mainly applicable to convey the noncaking, granular and thick powder , such as cement/ aggregate/flyash. The shank of discharge opening use the quick fittings of bulk-cement tanker in order to coordinate with the cement tanker to feeding alternately. And the key part and fittings can change with the bulk-cement tanker which is convenient to the user.

Horizontal feeder is capacious, high-usage and easy in installation and adjustment.
二 , parameter
1, It is composed by host and power
The host is composed by double cone feeder/discharge opening gas circuit system and tank support saddle. The main technical parameter as follows:
tank shape double cone/horizontal (Mpa)
operating pressure 0.19
tank volume (m3) 5 Discharge pipe inside diameter (mm) 100
Blow-off efficiency (t/min) >1.2 weight(kg) 1600
remains (%) <0.4 Outside measurement(L*W*H) (mm) 2600W2000W2530

2, The air supply is composed by air compressor/electric motor/stander. The main technical parameter as follows:
air compressor name Dry-pendulum air compressor model WB5.4/2
rated pressure 0.2Mpa delivery capacity 5.4m3/min

Motor type Y180M-4-B3
Power rating 18.5Kw
Voltage rating 380V rejoining method △
air supply weight 500kg
Type of belt drive vee belt
air supply out measurement mm
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Terms of Payment
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