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We have 30,000,000 MT of white refined cane sugar (ICUMSA 45) to sell. Polarity at 20 Deg. centigrade 99.80 min; ASH content 0.04% max, moisture 0.04% max, solubility 100.0% DTR and free flowing, Granulation Fine, Sediments none, color Sparkling White, Crop 2004/2006, smell none, substance Solid crystal max, radiation Normal w/o presence of cesium or iodine:certified, SO mg/kg 20, magnetic particles mg/k4, reducing sugar 0.05% Max. , Max AS 1p. p. m. , Mas OS 2 p. p. m. Max CU: 3 p. p. m. , Max CU 3 p. p. m. , HPN Staph Aureus NIL.
Supply Capacity
2,500,000 MT