Sell WIFI touch screen internet radio

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Processor 400MHZ DSP, 64MB RAM FLASH, 1GB Flash memory, to facilitate the secondary development of a number of creative, as well as the number of stations more than 10,000 stores.

800 * 600 high-resolution and touch-screen . With Simplified Chinese and English interface.

Wireless network adapter (wifi) and wired network interface (optional) , DHCP and manually set the network.

Up to 72 hours non-stop WIFI connectivity test to ensure the quality of radio.

Alarm settings, from time to time close to Taiwan, from time to time broadcast recording from time to time.

Photo playback, background music, background radio broadcast.

Support radio recording function, can be selected to record radio messages any time, directly to the U disk / SD / memory.

1. Support WiFi-802.11 b/g
2. Support Touchscreen
3. Support open soucre design

4. Runs DSP (400Mhz)
5. Operating system : VIEWIN-LINUX (special kernel for viewin)
6. Support media card : SD Card , USB Disk
7. Support USB 2.0 Device , RS232 (Option) , RJ45(Option)
8. Support audio files
9. Support video files(Only Support 320*240 - Option)
10. Support background music player
11. Support Slide Show
12. Calendar and Alarm clock
13. Support Power Save
14. Files managment (View, Copy, Cut, Plaster)
15. Support USB-mouse, USB-Keyboard , Soft Keyboard
16. Wi-Fi configure , TCP/IP configure, Rss address setting
17. Internet Radio

1. WiFi-802.11 b/g
2. Highly sensitive Touchscreen
3. 8" inch LCD TFT panel
4. Built-in System Memory: 64 MB
5. Resolution: 800*600
6. Operating System : VIEWIN-LINUX (special kernel for viewin)
7. Media card support : SD Card , USB Disk
8. USB 2.0 Device , RS232 (Option) , RJ45(Option)
9. DSP processor speed of 400 MHz
10. Audio file formats: MP3
11. Video file formats: AVI, FLV
12. Built-in Nand Flash Memory: 1GB

Box 8CM(H) W21.5CM (W) W29CM (L)
Carton 46.5CM (W) W47CM (H) W61.5CM (L)
Packing 20pcs/Carton box
Box weigth 1.4KG/pcs
Carton weigth 1.5KG
Packing weigth 20pcsW1.4KG/pcs+1.5KG=29.5KG