Sell WIMAX Base Station / Subscriber Units (CPE)

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Finally your last mile solution WIMAX Base Station and Subscriber Units.

BT-VMAX-3500 is a WiMAX/IEEE802.16D-2004 Outdoor base station. It is contained in a weatherproof, sealed housing with integrated 90 degree antenna to offer a single box solution for WiMAX application in the 3300 to 3800MHZ band. External antennas can be accommodated with an option N female connectors and offers a direct Bridged 100basT Ethernet connection to the base station network. the only equipment inside the base station permises is an Ethernet switch with power over ethernet capability to power supply and provide Ethernet connectivity to BT-VMAX-3500.

JAMX3500-CPE, accompany BT-VMAX3500 WIMAX Base Station, is a 3.5GHz WIMAX Subscriber Unit (CPE)