Sell WINPIN energy-saving glass

WINPIN energy-saving glass
Himin Winpin glass (low-e coated glazing)

can save about 75% energy more than common single-pieced glass
Heat insulation--------It has higher reflectance ratio against far infrared ray which waves between 4.5um~25um, It can prevent the outdoor heat from radiating into indoor in summer and guarantee most part of indoor heat will not be lost in winter, so keeping the room warm in winter and cold in summer. It can save about 75% energy more than common glass and save about 50% energy more than common Low-E glass.
Himin Winpin Glass can lower sound over 36 decibel
Sound insulation----- The interval space between Winpin glass is filled with argon, which will be slow the speed of the sound in inertia gas, Strongly weak the sound, and can lower sound over 36 decibel.
Himin Winpin Glass has no frog and dew in -40 0
No frost and dew------The dew point of WinPin glass is -40 0 , So Winpin glass window will not form frost & dew during the winter and the cold eradiation area around windows is eliminated.
The reflection ratio of Himin WinPin glass against ultraviolet radiation can reach over 75%
Prevent ultraviolet ra diation-----winpin film can reflect back most of the ultraviolet radiation, which can protect the furniture , articles and other things in the room from aging and fading. It can used in house, library, museum and other architectures.