Sell WJD-AQ2098B01 Banknote/Currency counter

WJD-AQ2098B01 Banknote/Currency counter
1) Banknote size:
a) 110 mm - 190 mm long
b) 50mm-80mm wide
c) 0.075 to 0. 15 mm thick
2) Power source: DC 12V (Battery)
Power source: 220V(1110%) 50Hz(No Battery)
3) Power consumption: 70W
4) Overall Size:340*300*250mm
5) Net weight:6.7kgGross weight: 8.5kg(Battery)
6) Net weight: 6.2kg Gross weight: 8kg (no Battery)
7) Accurate and reliable counting
8) Counterfeit detection with UV(MG)
9) Half-note detection
10) Self-examination system
11) Automatic starting, stopping, and clearing
12) With external display and charger(Battery)
Counting Display:3 Digit LED
Max. Display:3 Digit TED
13) portable as well.
14) Suitable for multi-currency (USD, Euros, Rupee , etc)