Sell WK-5000 Temperature Controller

WK-5000 Temperature Controller
 European miniaturized design
 Key parts imported
 SMT&THT integrated technique
 Powerful anti-jamming ability
 Built-in Transformer
 Reliable and high performance
 Multifunctional integration
 Multiple applications
 Temperature calibration
 Delay protection
 Overload and fault alarm
 Alarm and delay functions disabled
Technical Parameters:
 Power Supply: 220VA (D) C 110%
 Power Consumption: <=5W
 Temperature Range: -400~+500
 Differential Rate: 10
 Accuracy: 110
 Refrigerating Output :7A 240VAC
Delay protection:0-9 Min (0=Disabled)
 Temperature Calibration: -50~+50
 Overload Range Adjustable:
00~200 (200=Disabled)
 Dimension: 71W30W85 (mm)