Sell WK-5180 Temperature Controller

WK-5180 Temperature Controller You May Also Be Interested In: flashing led temperature controller
 European miniaturized design
 Key parts imported
 SMT&THT integrated technique,
 Powerful anti-jamming ability
 Reliable and high performance
 Multifunctional integration
 Multiple applications
 Defrosting Timed
 Manual defrosting
 Defrosting disabled
 Temperature calibration
 Delay protection
 Overload and fault alarm
 Alarm and delay functions disabled
Technical Parameters:
 Power Supply: 12VAC110% (12VDC)
 Power Consumption: <=3W
 Temperature Range: -400~+500
 Differential Rate: 10
 Accuracy: 110
 Refrigerating output :7A 240VAC
 Defrosting output: 7A 240VAC
 Alarm: Buzzer plus flashing LED
 Delay protection: 0-9min (0=Disabled)
 Temperature Calibration: -50~+50
 Overload Range Adjustable:
00~200 (200=Disabled)
Defrosting Duration: 0-99 Hour(s) (adjustable)
 Mounting Hole: 30mm (W) W71mm (L) 11mm