Sell WRINKLE SOLVE - Gets rid of those frustrating wrinkles

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Gets rid of those frustrating wrinkles

From now on, you can smile with comfort!

Do you often get frustrated because of those wrinkles which left their marks on your face as a result of frowning or smiling frequently? Have you ever heard that injecting flesh eating bacteria could remove wrinkles, but are hesitant because of its high cost and effects which are only temporary?
If there is a product that is convenient to use and is able to achieve an effect similar to the injection of the above-mentioned bacteria, without the accompanying side-effects, thereby effectively removing those frustrating wrinkles on your face and giving your skin a smooth, fine and glowing complexion, would you be eager to try it out?

Bel'Air's all-new formula -- Wrinkle Solve  helps you get rid of wrinkles with ease and say goodbye to those tracks on your face. When the test of time has been fought and won, your smile will naturally be radiating in youthfulness.

Formation of Wrinkles

There is no way we can stop the wheel of time. However, who would want time to leave its indelible imprints on the face? Nonetheless, time is not the only factor that causes wrinkles; the master culprit is actually facial contractions. A person on average has 15,000 or more facial contractions a day. This includes smiling, frowning, blinking, looking around, talking, eating, drinking, washing, rinsing the mouth, yawning Together, these make up the main reason for wrinkle formation.

Scientific clinical research has proven that Wrinkle Solve is able to curb the following two hormones responsible for
wrinkles formation:

- SNARE: It releases the neurotransmitters which causes contraction of the skin and results in the formation of wrinkles

- CATECHOLAMINE: If it secretes excessively, it will stimulate epinephrine and affect the sympathetic nerves, resulting in repetitive actions in the facial muscles and the subsequent formation of wrinkles

The Latest Wrinkle Prevention Formula

Peptide  the most popular bio-tech product in 2004  can completely substitute for the use of flesh eating bacteria. It functions to destabilise SNARE, stop the emission of the neurotransmitters, reduce the strength and frequency of muscle contractions and resist wrinkle formation. Peptide also controls excessive secretion of catecha phenol ammonia from the facial muscles, slows down aging of facial cells and prevents wrinkles from forming.

Bel'Air's Wrinkle Solve uses the valuable peptide and transports it to the inner section of the skin using the method of water-in-oil, thus regulating inner secretion. At the same time, it also contains hyaluronic acid which has excellent moisture-giving properties. The addition of rice bran extract repairs and rejuvenates the skin. Seaweed extract further produces an enzyme effect.

Main Ingredients:

Acetyl Hexapeptide
Hyaluronic acid
Rice bran extract
Seaweed extract

Achieves the effect similar to injecting flesh eating bacteria, without the accompanying side-effects.
Lowers the intensity and rate of the nerve transmissions which cause contractions of the skin.

Aids in removing expression lines due to smiling or knitting of the eyebrows, yet without affecting ones natural expression.

Soothes excessive contractions of facial muscles and gradually removes deep wrinkles on the forehead and corners of eyes.


Gently apply a little Wrinkle Solve onto the part where there are wrinkles and massage for two minutes, once in the morning and once at night, after washing the face.

Favourable results can be observed after using Wrinkle Solve for two to four consecutive weeks.

The regenerative and metabolic abilities of the skin at night are 2 to 3 times stronger than those in the day. It is advised to use Wrinkle Solve continuously and it is especially important not to neglect night maintenance.

Contents: 20ml