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We are the patent owners ( Turkey and EU ) and manufacturers of WUNDERBAR, THE UNIQUE METAL SOAP, to clean hands, skin, feet and domestic environment of ugly smells with just water and absolutely no chemicals. As for meat products, WUNDERBAR will make a wonderful co-marketing and promotion tool to increase your sales in retail outlets.

WUNDERBAR is currently marketed in Turkey through MIGROS, CARREFOUR and BAUHAUS. It is also available through Turkish online shops.

The WUNDERBAR is attractive in design and size, as you can see on the picture, and being similar to a bar of soap, practical to use. The weight is just right, everyone feels comfortable. We manufacture WUNDERBAR from high grade, Swedish stainless steel and by isotope rearranging process, WUNDERBAR is guaranteed to last forever, and carries our Money-back guarantee.

The metal soap contains absolutely no chemicals, no skin irritating agent, and works against smells of garlic, onion, meat, poultry, fish, vegetable, nicotine and also of other agents like gasoline, bleach, diesel and paint, with just water and within 20 seconds. Not only hands are freed from smells, but also armpits, even feet are cleaned in moments.

WUNDERBAR also works very well against pet odors, in refrigerator, when wrapped with a wet towelette. In a room of smoke or unwanted smells, placing Wunderbar in a simple dish of water cleans the air continuously. WUNDERBAR also cleans garments, shirts, jackets etc. when smoke or other smells are embedded. Just sprinkle the garment with water and rub WUNDERBAR against the cloth, it effectively removes smells.

There is one look-alike product in Germany, but much smaller, heavier ( drop it and the kitchen sink shatters!) and not exactly user-friendly. It sells for much more ( check the web for "zilo" and zielonka-online shop) and we currently sell ours 3:1 in Germany.

If you wish to inspect this inevitably necessity for every household and workplace, we would be glad to send you samples as many as you deem necessary.

WUNDERBAR currently is offered at Euro 7.50 FOB ISTANBUL. The price is for one unit for up to 20.000 pieces, beyond that, price per unit is escalating down, of course.

Being the patent owners and manufacturers of this unique item, to be featured whether as an item on sale, or as a promotional item - a giveaway- for your customers ( sand blasted logotypes and messages or special packaging can be arranged ) WUNDERBAR is worth exploring, we believe.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
no limits
Available Colors
steel gray
Condition of Goods
see picture
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 adys
Minimum Order Quantity
Patents or Trademarks
TR P Reg 1003112004-732
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight
Terms of Sale
Warranty Coverage
lifetime guarantee
100 grammes