Sell WXD3-13 wire wound potentiometer

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Rongcheng electronics is a manufacturer of high quality, high reliability trimming potentiometers/single-turn wirewound potentiometers/multi-turn wirewound potentiometers/resistor/knobs.
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single-turn wirewound potentiometers are as follows:wx030, wx050, wx010, wx13-11, wx13-12, wx14-11, wx14-12, wx118, wx100;
multi-turn wirewound potentiometers are as follows:wxd3540, wxd3590,534, wxd3-12, wxd3-13, wxd4-23, wxd7-33, wxd5-32, wxd2-53.
resistor are as follows:cement resistor, precision resistor, power resistor.
knobs are as follows:pointer knobs, tuning knobs, two colour knobs, aluminum shell knobs, dials.
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