Sell Waist High Turnstile PTB-237

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*Automatic free flow barring arm during power failure.
*Various operational methods available.
*Customized size & finishes available on request.
*Low maintenance requirements.
*Electrical controls for both directions
*LED directional indicators
*Integration with any Access Control System
*Safe supply voltage
*Low power consumption
*Simple installation
*Size of cell: L=1200 B=280 H=1000 (mm)
*Cell structure: Polishing stainless steel box body
*After the power failure may freely fall the pole freely pass through
*Power supply: AC220V ; > 1.5A
*Trigger pip
*Weight: about 70kg
*The passive switching signal triggers (50ms100ms) , or can accord to customer's request
*One way or two-way pass through
*Relative humidity<=95%, Does not congeal the dew
*Passage breadth: Q530mm
*The pole of barrier is long:530 mm
*top pole center high (the pole of barrier turns to the apogee leave the high degree of the ground) 820 mm
*IC, ID, the card of Magnetic force, bar code card etc. variety reads and writes the way can be provided as choice
*Having the power failure meets an emergency the function, the barrier pole power failure falls the pole automatically, switching on electricity auto top pole
*Have the information memory function. Can the net of join circulate; also can take off the machine circulate
*Have the breakdown from the check and report to the police to hint the function
*Automatic covariance and manifestation function
*There is standard import and output to pick up by a people
*Unique automatic reset, reliable locking gear locks and transmission system