Sell Walk Through Metal Detector(SYSTEM 600A)

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SYSTEM 600A is the first real digital impulse metal detection door in China. It has not only super sensibility but also strong ability against the interference. It's specially designed to detect the tiny metals in the jail, detention house and penitentiary. It can also be used for theft check of the tiny components in the factory.

* High sensitivity. Independent 6-section digital impulse detection. DSP digital signal treatment. Strong ability of detection and against interference.
* Using low-consumption MCU. Password protection to prevent the unauthorized to change the parameters. Long store of data.
* Bright LED multi-function display. Dependent section alarm indicator. Calculate the passers and the alarms automatically.
* The digital sensitivity in each section can be adjusted by 100 degrees independently. The total sensitivity can be adjusted among 0 and 99. It can also detect the object at the speed of 13.7 meter/second.
* Strong ability against interference by electromagnetism and mechanical movements. Several safety doors paralleled in less than 50cm in distance can work simultaneously.
* Simple to install and easy to use. The brief manual is attached. No need of maintenance or periodical correction.
* The use of weak magnetic field radiation technology does no harm to human body (like the pregnant and heart pacemaker wearer) .
* In conformance with the GB15210-94 national standards of passing through metal detection door.

Technology Index:
Working Power: AC220V/50-60Hz
Power Consumption: less than 35W.
Working environment (temperature) : -10 to +50 .
Working environment (humidity) : 0---95% without condensation.
Transportation gross weight: 95KG.
Sensitivity adjustment: 6 working frequencies. Each detection program has 100 sensitivity degrees.
Maximum sensitivity: as tiny as a clip.
Protection degree: IP20 ( EN60529 )
Product's standard: GB-15210-94
Outer size: 2220(H) *820(W) *500(D) mm
Pass Size: 2000(H) *700(W) *500(D) mm
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
80 units per month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days
Minimum Order Quantity
2 units
Terms of Payment