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International norms (NILECJ-0601 L1-5/IP54/IEC 348/EN60950 Class1) In conformity with CE European Union Norms and produced under ISO 9001: 2000 QMS, ECAC. DOC 30 Press No. 12

Multi-Zone - minimum 9 real detection zones

Auto Calibration (Automatically calibrates itself up to Environmental Conditions)

Contemporary Lines, Compact and Peculiar Elinno Design

Human friendly VLF technology (University, TSE, GES Certified)

Magnetic&Nonmagnetic metals both or separately can be detected.

Green/Red bicolor traffic through LEDs easily allows sight from distance

Continous overall light indicators on side panels and control panel

Visual and audio alarms can be perceived at a distance of 4m.

20 sensitivity levels, 246 adjustable sensitivity steps at each, applicable to all zones separately (All Jailhouse, Airport, Army, Police Department, Shopping Center Requirements Designated)

Separate Zone Sensitivity Settings

SMART DETECTOR Fast and consistent calibration, Automatic Sensitivity Program selects the correct sensitivity for a specific weapon or a recognized test object

Superior Discrimination, Precise target location identification / Graphic zone display

Metal Density-Mass, Signal Strength Display at 10-level-VU meter with green, yellow, red LEDs easily allows sight from distance

Random Alarm possibilies to give alarm for clean visitors at a selected ratio.

Digital Environment magnetic noise level and visual detection display on LCD Screen

Integrated high-tech filter circuitry eliminates both magnetic & electrical interference

Multiple Installation and Operation without interface between each detector up to a distance of min. 5 cm (With or without cables)

Alarm counter & Five Digit Separate incoming & outgoing counters (Visible/invisible)

Mechanical Lock for control panel and four-digit changeable digital Pin Code

Automatic Failure Display with Auto-Control Usage

Adjustable audio alarm at 10 tons/level or Soundless (Mute) operation.

Adjustable Alarm Period (0,5 s-2s)

IR Protection Feature enabling perfect low false alarm operation/ Continuous Detection Mode Selection Enabled

No effect static metal objects on sensitivity, moving objects should be min.100 cm. away

Standard Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) enabling 2 hours operation without mains

Reloading the factory default settings by one-touch button

Easy programming and monitoring with wide LCD display

Standard menu in English, German, Spanish and Turkish

Saves passengers, working hours and alarm (real / random) in memory

Relay outputs for recording CCTV, Photo Taken-Recording, controlling turnstiles, etc. on Alarms

Adjustable audio alarm at 10 tons/level or Soundless (Mute)

Modem and RS232 output for SCADA remote data communication- Send Receive- Change settings by direct cable or modem over Telecom Lines by PC- Audible & Visual alarms can be monitored Real Time by PC and can be logged into Hard Disk. Statistical data Report Optional Software

Certificate approved Safe for wearers of pacemakers and pregnant women No effect to magnetic media (eg. Memory sticks, tape, proximity cards)

Easy-to-mount and assemble walk through metal detector (15 minutes)

Exported to more than 70 countries / Customer Specifications and OEM / ODM orders welcome
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ThruScan SX -I
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