Sell Walking Billboard

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Simple, Convenient, Comfortable, Mobile, Economic. . . . . . This is new media for interactive outdoor advertising!

The billboard size is 1.45m high by 0.50m wide, the back advertising area is 1.45m by 0.5m, the front ad area is 0.5m by 0.5m.

The billboard can move to anywhere as your men want to go!!!

If you have mobile billboard business (ad truck) , you also can put several walking billboard inside your truck, when your truck stop at somewhere, then your walking billboard can moving around it! The driver maybe can have a rest by this way!

We have develop several humanization design of belt system to make people feel comfortable to carry it. The belt system has two shoulder belt, one waist belt and one chest belt. And on the back, there is one thick and soft protection. And notice, you can carry one water bottle easily!

Join our business, you can help more people to earn money, help people communicate some better goods and service, help the government to improve the employing rate. You can do lots of possitive thing.

And we believe this also will increase your chance to achieve new success.