Sell Wall-Mounted Dental X-Ray Unit

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Structure and Operating Principle: The structure of the X-ray unit is very simple. The whole machine is composed of X-ray generator (X-ray tube head) , controller and framework.

Operating Principle: The single-phase AC current leads to the primary coil of the high voltage transformer, through the back voltage attenuator by the control circuit. The high voltage induced by the sub-level coil is supplied to the X-ray tube to generate X-ray.

The machine has fixed values of tube voltage (KV) , and tube current (mAs) . The quantity of irradiation (mAs) is realized by changing exposure time.

Working Conditions:
(1) Conditions for product transportation and storage:
Ambient Temperature: -20~70º C
Relative Humidity: <=75%
Atmospheric Pressure Range: 50~106Kpa
(2) Conditions for use environment:
Ambient Temperature: 10~40&ordm; C
Relative Humidity: <=75%
Atmospheric Pressure Range: 70~106Kpa
(3) Power Source Conditions:
Single-Phase AC 220V&plusmn; 22V; 50Hz&plusmn; 1Hz
Power Source Capacity: <1KVA

Technical Parameters:
Performance Index:
Tube Voltage: 60KV&plusmn; 10%
Tube Current: 8mA&plusmn; 20%
Exposure Time: 0.1~4.0s (equipped with up &down button)
Input Power: <1.2KVA
Maximum Output Power: 950VA
Total Filtration: 2.0mAL
Diameter of Irradiated Area: 6cm
Maximum Shell Temperature: <60&ordm; C
Fusing Core: BGXP-6A
Maximum Rated Capacity: 60KV 8mA 4s
Vertical Movement Range of X-ray Tube Head: 400mm
Fore-and-aft Movement Range of X-ray Tube Head: 900mm
Horizontal Rotating Angle of X-ray Tube Head: 360&deg;
Rotating Angle of X-ray Tube Head Moving Around Horizontal Axis: 270&deg;
Horizontal Rotation Angle of Movable Suspension Arm: &plusmn; 270&deg;

Main Technical Parameters of X-ray Tube (XD10-0.21/70 X-ray Tube) :
1. Maximum Voltage of working tube: 70KVP
2. Maximum peak inverse voltage (self rectification) : 80KVP
3. Target Face Inclination: 12&deg;
4. Nominal Value of Focal Point: 0.8mA
5. Filament Characteristic: 3A&plusmn; 0.5V
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