Sell Wall-hanging fiber cable cross-connect cabinets

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It has the function of direct or indirect connection , coiling, storage, and
dispatching on the fiber cable . Cabinets are made of import double side
wiredrawing stainless steel, with the protection grade reaching
IP65. thermosetting fiberglass-reinforced polyester can endure climate changes
and adverse environment. All front access. Modular design; Flexible
and quick installation ; Suitable for ribbon and nonribbon optic fibers;30
o?=oblique installation of adapters, preventing eyes from laser's hurts and
ensuring the fiber bending radius; Suitable for inserting installation ofSC,
ST(additional flange) adapters; The bending radii are ensured to be more than
40mm in anyplace. Reliable fiber introduction , grounding and fixing;
Swpaconvenient; Suitable fiber integrated and optical fibers; A special
suspension mechanism is designed toenable ground mounted, wall-mounted or
for userso?=requirement.

24/48(cores) : width(mm)500 depth(mm)300 high(mm) 800