Sell Walnut shell abrasive/Apricot grit abrasive

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Walnut shell is made form crushed walnut shells in accordance with industrial standards, is originally developed for cleaning gasoline and diesel engines due to its lack of silicon and Toughness. It will clean metals, alloys and plastics without scratching or pitting the surface. Walnut shell abrasives are specially manufactured to eliminate mineral contamination and/or metal contamination. Blast cleaning with walnut shell abrasives is now commonly used to remove everything from paint, rust, chemical and carbon deposits, to lacquer and scale. One of the most popular use is the deflashing of molded plastic parts.
Apricot Grip is hard and fibrous abrasive made from crushed apricot pits in accordance with industrial standards. The product is well known for its excellent durability and elasticity and used widely in grinding and polishing processes, also excellent for deflashing and tumbling.