Buy Wanted Genuine Gold dust seller

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We are buying Au dust CIF Dubai, airport and we are not making any upfront payment. (shipping costs, storage or whatsoever) . We will make a full 100% payment after final assay report from the refinery, by wire transfer or in cash(your choice) /LC. We will get the gold to the refinery immediately after clearing Dubai Customs if any on your behalf. Within max 2 weeks after signing the contract, you will ship gold dust to Dubai, UAE airport. We will be responsible for UAE Customs fees and all charges to and at the refinery. We will give 50% of traveling expenses of seller's delegate to buyer's destination in Dubai, including airfare (Economy Class) , hotel, foods, etc. and this cost shall be settled after final assay at refinery if a minimum of 50 kgs is sent.

If a bank instrument is required (L. C) for payment then a performance bond should be issued by the Seller Proof of capability to raise this performance bond has to be sent before the issuance of our instrument. We can begin with a small shipment 10-50 kgs which can be brought as personal hand luggage to Dubai in order to establish the mutual trust.

Please do understand that we will only be sure that the gold is gold after final assay result of the whole shipment, reason why we are accepting to take small portion for assay at the airport but upon positive result this assay will only tell us that we can ship the rest of the commodities to the refinery.
PMMC report if can
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
L/C, T/T /Pay order or cash