Buy Wanted for Purchase Diesel/Bunker Tanker Boat

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Dear Sir/Madam;

We are a Private Company who buy and sell Diesel and Bunker Fuel located in Guatemala City, Guatemala Central America. Hence we have a port called Puerto Quetzal in the Pacific Ocean and another port called Puerto San Jose in the Atlantic Ocean. We are currently searching for a strong company who we deal with either one of the following tanker boats for sale, which must me in good to excellent working condition. We have been asked to find one of the following boats that can meet the following load characteristics.

A. Tanker Boat #1 = 4 Thousand Tons = 29,360 Barrels = 1,233,120 Gallons.

B. Tanker Boat #2= 1 Thousand Tons = 7340 Barrels = 29,360 Gallons.

We will be responding to offers from the listed e-mail address. Offers must include the boats name, Characteristics, port were it is registered to, comply with the above listed characteristics, pictures and basically the more information the better.

Thank you,
Ing. Daniel P. Hudson