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This product was originally developed by a Korean professor in 70s and approved by FDA. The mechanism is the combination of western chiropractic care and eastern meridian medicine( a branch of Chinese medicines) . In China , our product was registered and approved as a medical device. the repeated rolling of the warm jade therapy heads exert far infrared energy, massage-like effects on the acupuncture points along both side of the spine, and the legs, in addition, the 9 jade therapy heads on the front produce same effects on the accupoints on the lower abdomen, especially the umbilic point, thus it has the following healthy effects:

1. help the recovery of misaligned spine bone
2. activate the meridian system, promote blood circulation, regulate the nervous system which control physiological activities of the internal organs and tissues
3. refresh the body and mind,
4. as the jade therapy heads give effects on Yang ( the back) and Ying (the abdomen) , it can harmonize various system and organs in the body, producing a balanced effect
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