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The Warm Jade Physiotherapy Device is a new kind of therapeutic device that inherits the traditional Chinese medicine heritage, combines the western spine rectification and eastern moxibustion theory, adopts jade stone material and utilizes modern far infrared technology. Through far infrared thermotherapy, which resonate the molecules of human body, it can relax muscles and tendons. The rectification massage on spine can also improve the blood circulation and metabolism, enhance the immunity of human body and bring into healthcare effect.
The jade stones inside the Warm Jade Physiotherapy Device are arrayed in special way. It utilizes the weight of human body to execute the Chiropractic and the vertical pressure maximizes the effect of massage. The continuous pressure effects on the main points of visceras and the back, accelerate the formation of new blood cells and enhance natural healing ability of human body.
Natural Jade Stone
Adopt high grade soft jade as the therapy head. Soft jade contains various microelements that benefit the human body such as Zn, Se, Mg, Mn, Cu and so on. It can replenish microelements beneficial to human body and help to harmonize and balance the physical functions of every organ.
Far Infrared Moxibustion
Warm Jade Physiotherapy Device can give off far infrared by heating the natural jade stones. After being absorbed by human body, far infrared can trigger the resonance among water molecules in human body, accelerate the activity and regenerating ability of the cells. Thereby, it!/ll enhance immunity of human body and bring into the medical care effect.
Relationship between Spinal Nerves and Visceras
According to traditional Chinese medicine, Du Channel (Du Mai) is located directly in the interior of the spine, which governs the Yang Qi of the entire body. Each viscera (organ) is linked to back so we can apply treatments on back when viscera dysfunctions occur.
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