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Dust absorbing roller

[Description of product ]The product is applicable for removing dust on the surface of cloth, carpet, floor, working table and products in semi-conductor factory, electronics industry and dust-free rooms. We have developed many kinds of rollers with many kinds of viscosity and specifications, which are suitable in different locations and usage and special specifications can be customized as per requirements of customers.

[Composition of raw materials] Glue: Polypropylene adhesive Base material: PE film(polyethylene)

[Specifications] Item Parameters Raw materials Low-density polyethylene Color White, blue and transparent Thickness(5m) 50,60, 70 (mm) 4,6, 8,10,12 ( can be customized as per requirements of customers) Length(m) 18M(can be customized as per requirements of customers) Inner diameter(mm)3810.5mm Breakage elongation coefficient(%) Over 250 Tension((Kg/cm2) : Over 170 Bonding strength(g/25mm) 60-720(Low , medium, high and extra high viscosity)

[Quality requirements]Item Contents: color: milk white, blue and transparent Appearance: there shall not be any damage, impurity, smell or residual adhesive and shall be flat without any ripples Adhesive: there shall be no adhesive fallen off when the product is stripped off and no adhesive fallen off when the product is being used or peeled off Packing paper: there shall be no damage, impurity, foam or joint on the packing paper and it shall be flat without any ripples.
Specification Width, length and viscosity shall meet requirements of customers

[Packing of product]4-6 inches 10 pcs/ bag ( vacuum packing in plastic bags) ; 8-12 inches 5 pcs/ bag (vacuum packing in plastic bags) ; the outermost layer is packed with carton.

[Storage of product]Store at room temperature and prevent from direct sunshine. Please store it in a well-ventilated place.

[Advantages of product]

It is designed as roller shape, base material is PVC film and pre-cutting line is set on the dust absorbing film and its convenient for peeling off at the edge of the roller. The glue is polypropylene adhesive which ensures no adhesive fallen off and its convenient for use matched with a handle. PE pipe cartridge is adopted which ensures roller is clean and not distorted. This product is designed to be advanced and reasonable, not only is it able to remove dust, but also prevent from second-time pollution of traditional tools, such as mops, water washing and sweeper to products and dust-free room. Prior to purchase, please confirm it is the roller from where glue will not fall off.

Among them, paper dust absorbing roller produces small impact to products in the course of use and it is more suitable for LCD and soft electric circuit board.
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