Sell Washing Machine Module WMM-01

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Product name: Washing Machine Module
Product model:WMM-01
Technical parameters
1, Working voltage:220VAC115% frequency 50/60HZ
2, Use condition: temperature -10~500 humidity <95%(250)
Main function:
1, Microchip control
2, Three washing time set, respectively, for 5minutes-10minutes-15minutes
3, Three dehydration time set, respectively, for 1.5minutes-3minutes-5minutes
4, Buzzer alarms when the power initial connected and the indicator light always on
5Buzzer alarms when press the function button
6, Function completed, the alarm buzzer calls 10 times in 10 seconds
7, Abnormal work alarm function . if the cover isn't closed before dehydration, three indicator lights flash at the same time and alarm buzzer calls, controller stop working. if closed the cover in 10 minutes , the alarm will halt; if not, dehydration function stop and indicator lights go out.