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JDS-200 (200BPH) Water Bottling Machine, with Filling Capacity of 200BPH

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Production capacity:200 jars/hour
Jar capacity: 18.9L (5 gallons) or 11.3L (3 gallons)
Jar dimensions: 270 x 490 x 56/230 x 420 x 56
Cap dimensions: 58 x 40 (with tip-in brush of 18 in length and 7.5 in width)
Rated input: 7.5kW
Driving motor: 0.55kW
Sterilize washing pump: 0.55 x 10 = 5.5kW
Pure water washing/filling pump: 0.55 x 2 = 1.1kW
Capping motor: 0.06 x 2 = 0.12kW
Ultraviolet sterilizing light: 20W + 20W = 40W
Power voltage: AC 240V/110V/60Hz or 380V/220V/50Hz
Rated amperage: 46A
Size: 4,600mm x 1,000mm x 1550mm
Net weight: 230kg
Air pressure supply: 0.1m3, 0.17m3/min, 0.7Mpa/cm3
Water supply: 7.5m3/h
The details for washing stations: (with 6kW heaters in the washing tanks)
There are total 5 washing stations: (the washing stations can be designed according to customers' requirements)
Sterilizing water wash inside and outside/sterilizing water wash inside
Drying function
Pure water wash inside and outside