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This water ionizer is credited by health authority SFDA as medical equipments. it integrate purifying, mineralizing and electrolyzing technologies, produces the best available drinking water in conformity with WHO's 6 drinking water standards, most importantly, it produce negative potential, ionized alkalized water, which can neutralize the excess free radicals and alkalize our acidic body which are widely accepted as the underlying causes for a lot of modern diseases, from obesity, diabetes to cancers.

Functions: 3 levels of alkalized water with pH from 8~10 and 2 level of acidic oxidized water for external use only!

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weight: 4.5 kgs
voltage: A. C 220V/50 Hz
Power :160W at working, less than 4W when idle
water flow rate: 2 /min (water pressure 100Ka)
electrode material: titanium coated with platinum
electrode qty: 5 plates
elctrode sizes: 528cm2
electrolysis mode: continuous electrolysis
pH range: 4.5~10
pH levels: 3 alkalized and 2 acidic
ORP: alkaline:0Mv~-300mV, acidic: 0mV ~+600mV
LCD: displaying different levels of Acidic, neutral and alkaline water , electrolysis, water flow rate, temperature, cleaning, reverse-cleaning(when shutting-off) , filter life display
Cleaning: Auto reverse cleaning every 15min
Filter: silver activated carbon
Filter capacity: 12000 Liters
Brand Name
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Silver Grey
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Lead Time from Order to Shipment
45 days
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FOB Guangzhou
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Parts 1 year