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Manual of water jet loom JW-1000
1. Jet
one and two jets
2. Reed width
150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 210, 230cm
3. Transmission system
Directly transmitted by supermotor and electromagnetic brake, controlled, stopped, inched, and reversed all by buttons
(flat-weave hatch motor power 1.5kw)
(bibcock hatch motor power 2.2kw)
4. Style of hatch
flat-weave hatch frame for 4, 6 and 8 pieces
bibcock hatch frame for 16 pieces at most
5. Abb entering
High-speed water pump constantly provide suitable water pressure and water, when keeping abb 's leading, the jet has best durative and collecting performance.
6. Transmission
automatically conveying yarn, completing sequential transmission, ensure the tension is identical from full axis to hollow axis, and the yarn does not have any outside force load and impact, double-roller style, axis diameter is 178mm and tray diameter is 800~1000mm.
7. Roll-taking
Durative seperately roll-taking system
max. diameter of piece goods is 520mm aluminium cloth roller, sari pressure wheel. Five-number automatic stopwatch, able to freely set the length of piece goods' s roll-taking.
8. Margin yarn forming
Take gear cross-twisting system.
9. Waste yarn treatment
Take 4 pieces of turning system
10. Scissors abb Machinery style scissors
11. Electronic induction device
abb yarn: high-touching electronic abb -exploiting needle.
Cloth margin yarn, electronic induction automatic-stop system
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25-30 days
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