Sell Water Ozone Generator

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Item No: L-950
Input power:110 to 240V/50 to 60Hz
Ozone output:10-50g/h(large available if needed)
Working frequency:5-7KHz
Ozone density:40-150mg/L
Unit power:0.6KW
dew point of air source:-45 Celsius degree
Cooling water flux:2-4L/min
Working voltage:4-4.5 KV
Size of interface:Rc1/4 or 1/2
Cooling ways:out pole with wind cooling and inner pole with water cooling.
Unit Size:400*280*780mm
Source of air: Oxygen will be source of air. The system has oxygen generator itself, it can produce oxygen from air.
Stainless steel crust

Items included:
1. Ozone System
A. Oil free compressor
B. Condenser
C. Oxygen generator
E. Precision filter
G. Flowmeter
H. Electricity lease chamber
I. Pressure adjustor
J. Regorge-proof set
K. Transformer
L. High frequency power
N. power control set
2. Relevant valve and meter
3. Control system

Applicable places:
Disinfection for food factory, drinking water, sea water, waste water and other field range of application: disinfect, sterilize water and clean container, pipe for food factory, cosmetic factory, etc
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15 days
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1 set
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1 year