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The Water Purification system can transform the tap water to ultra-pure water directly with proven reverse osmosis (RO) technology from NASA and micro filtration, adsorption, ultra filtration, RO and ultra purification technology. The water quality of the system meets the CAP TYPE I standard etc. This system is widely used in the fields of chemistry, biology, medicine, and electron and so on.

We offer the water purification systems to hostpitals, labs, firms and homes. Please inquery us for more and detailed description for our products.

-- Model: Ultra pure / Ultra pure UF

-- Flow procedure:
PF+AC+RO+DI +DMF (Ultra pure)
PF+AC+RO+DI+UF+DMF (Ultra pure UF)

-- Application:
(Ultra pure)
-- Microanalysis Environmental analysis
-- AA, ICP, IC
-- Buffer disposing
-- Pharmacy research
-- Medicine examining
(Ultra pure UF)
-- Molecular biology
-- PCR, gene research
-- Pharmacy research
-- Medicine examining
-- Cell cultivating
-- IVF etc.

Water Quality:

-- Desalination rate: 96-98 (Ultra pure) / Nearly 100% (Ultra pure UF)
-- Resistivity M(Ohms)-cm: 13-16 (Ultra pure UF)
-- Virus cfu/ml: < 1cfu/ml
-- Water outlet: 2: RO water; Ultra pure water
-- Digital water monitor: LCD with back light
-- Inlet water requirement: Tap water: TDS<200, 5-40oC,1.0~3.5Kg/cm2
-- Instantaneous output L/min:
1.5 L/min (with pressure tank) (Less output with UF/UV cartridge)
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