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WESTINGAREA supplied L21014 Water Purification the execellent performance displayed as:

The systems can transform the tap water to ultrapure water directly
with proven reverse osmosis (RO) technology from NASA and micro filtration,
adsorption, ultra filtration, RO and ultra purification technology.
The key parts are imported from Kflow and other famous corporations.
The water quality of the systems meet the CAP TYPE І standard etc.
This system is widely used in the fields of chemistry,
biology, medicine, electron and so on.

Humanization design

* Exquisite machine case , aesthetic appearance
* Special tank speeds up output, remaining available without water
and electricity.
* Auto electronic control, multiple safeguard
* Special long-range output interface, additional tube.
* Two output taps (except RO lab & RO lab plus) .
* Reserved interface can be connected with other devices.
* Plus type: RO membrane on the top of the case.
* Outer power voltage transformer adapter

Incorporating cutting-edge technology
* RO series uses the reverse osmosis technology of NASA. Desalination rate>=99%,
eliminating virus rate>=99.5%
* Special circle-inside function to guarantee water quality. (Research series)
* II mixed beds guarantees water quality and lengthen the
life-span of ultrapurification cartridge.
* Double wave length UV lamp efficiently decreases virus and TOC
* Ultrapurification cartridge efficiently eliminates endotoxin
* High flux terminal filtration with pre-filtration function
* Auto stop without water, auto stop when high pressure, RO

Utilizing global high-quality parts
* RO: manufactured by TOW or FCS
* Pump: manufactured by Kflow
* Ultrapurification cartridge: manufactured by Rohm&hass or DOW
* Water quality monitor system: LCD with Resistivity and double TDS
* Case: manufactured by Kflows Taiwan factory.
* UV/UF cartridge: manufactured by Pall or other famous corporation
* Terminal filtration: manufactured by Sartorius
* Other components: manufactured by Kflow

Ro purification system VS traditional evaporation instruments
* High desalination rate, RO plus can reach 99.8%
* More output,5-15 times than evaporation devices
* 1/20-1/50 of energy expenditure, compared with evaporation devices
* Little waste water, reducing wastes of water resource
* 1/3-1/4 of cost, compared with evaporation devices
* Good safety system for people
* Flexible, convenient, no second pollution

Ultra system VS similar imported machine
* Imported core parts
* Quality guarantees, full service, timely delivery
* One body design with pretreatment and ultrapurification, convenient to use
* Low price consumables, long-term supply.
* Imported case, small and exquisite

Model RO lab
Flow procedure PF+AC+RO+AC
 ware washing
 Agricultural expe
 General biological expe
Aquatic products feeding
 Inlet water for Ultra pure water machine
 Inler water for sterilizer/ T&H chamber
Filtration System
LV. 1 Outside filter (optional)
LV. 2 Special PP filter
LV. 3 Special carbon filter
LV. 4 Special carbon filter
LV. 5 100GPD RO membrane
LV. 6 Intensive carbon filter

WaterQuality Desalination rate % 96-98﹡
TDS ppm 5-10
Water outlet 1: RO water
Control system Automatic electronic pressure sensor controlling,
RO membrane auto flushing, automatic stop without water,
automatic stop when water full, automatic cutting off water when pump stopping
Digital water monitor Optional TDS test pen
Inlet water requierment Tap water :TDS<200, 5-400, 1.0~3.5Kg/cm2
Output (250) 15L/H
Instantaneous output L/min 1.5 L/min (with pressure tank)
External dimension / Weight HWWWD:42W41W22cm / 12-14kg
Standard configuration Main body+1set purifing cartridge+ 3.2gallon tank