Sell Water Seepage Cobble Tile

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Hello !
We would like to introduce our newest product----Water Seepage Cobble tile .
Our new product---Water Seepage Tile is made of natural stone through our latest technical processing . It has the following distinct Feature:

1. It has very good function of water seepage and gas permeability (You can see the function of water seepage from the attached picture)

2. It has a good massage of your foot through the surface of natural cobble tile for the improvement of your blood circulation when you step on water seepage cobble tile by barefoot.

3. It has the same hardness as natural stone as we use our latest technical processing way to glue the natural cobble together.

4. It has many pattern for your selecting such as flower pattern , Figure pattern .

It is ideal for wall , bathroom floor , swimming pool garden , hall and floor decoration .

Our standard size is
300x300x 12mm , 600x600x 20mm , 800x800x 25mm .

Price of our standard water seepage cobble tile is as follow:

Size(mm) Price(USD/SQM FOB China )

300x300x 12mm 30.00

600x600x 20mm 32.00

800x800x 25mm 33.00

We also can produce water seepage cobble tile as per your design and size.
But if you need water seepage tile with complicated pattern design , the price will be high , it depends on the complication of your pattern design.
Please check the attached picture to see the function of our water seepage cobble tile and project pictures.
Sincerely !


Marketing Manager

Henry Weng( Xiamen ) Import&Export Co. , Ltd.