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Water Slide Decal Paper (Laser and inkjet printing) , Water transfer paper

1. Print the design on decal paper by any model of laser printer or inkjet printer.
2. Paper immersion. Put the decal paper in water(20c-30c) , immersing 30 seconds, until the film could be slipped. Attention to do not immerses the decal paper too long; Otherwise it will dissolve the glue and cover on paper.
3. Logo transfer. First of all clean the objects surface, transfer the logo on the objects then squeezed and wiped it tightly.
4. Dry. If the transferred object is made of metals, ceramics and glass etc, roasted by 140 with 20min; Plastic items by 70 with 60min; Without baking: candles, helmet, strengthen glass.
5. Finished products. After drying, coat the paint onto the object surface, nature dry by 12hours, which keep the object and pattern together firmly.
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