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1) Models: SHKFR-26 / 35 / 46 / 55 / 72 / 120 / 140FW
2) Capacity: 9,000, 12,000,16,000,19,000,18,000, 41,000, 48,000btu
3) Power: 220-240V/50Hz, 380V/50Hz
4) Refrigerant: R22/R407c

YAIR water source heat pump air conditioner system is organic combination
with traditional central air conditioner and household air conditioner. It
adopts method of making cold or heat independently like appliance air
conditioner system, and this system is different from traditional central air
conditioner, which makes cold or heat concentrative and then distribute cold
or heat, which only exchanges heat by the outdoor unit, using jointly water
power system and treat them together obtain cool capacity or heat capacity,
every air conditioning unit is independent, cold and heat can be selected by
purpose, which will reduce running costs greatly.

According to different water powers, Water source heat pump air conditioners
have the following series: water circulation heat pump air conditioner (cool by
the cooling tower) ; the underground water power heat pump air conditioner (underground water as the medium) ; The earth's surface water power heat
pump air conditioner (with surface water such as river, river, water of lake
the cold and heat power) .

Energy-efficient: The units are distributed in every applicable area. Hence
there is energy loss. The COP of every unit is up to EER by 4.5 - 5.5. When
many units make up an air conditioner system, each unit can be switched on
and off independently. Its running expenses can be decreased by 30~40%
than the normal air conditioner system.

Low investment for projects: Air conditioner system does not need houses for
the outdoor unit and water pump, which save building construction expenses.
Water pipeline does not need warm protection facilities, which saves the frozen
water pump installation and debug. The project gets easier.

Intelligent control, faults diagnosis : Each air conditioner is intelligently
controlled by micro-computer as split model. It has also the fault diagnosis
and alarming function, which is good for operation and maintenance. Each unit
in the ystem is comparatively independent, which can make cooling or heating simultaneously. In case one unit is fault, other unit will not be affected. The
reliability is better.

Independent energy charges: When the system is used for rent apartment or
office building, shops and residential compartments, each unit can have
independent ammeter. the systematic consumption of the cooling water is
shared according to the consumption of the power.

Convenient outdoor unit installation: the outdoor unit has not duct structure.
The perfect sound insulation design makes the users nearly be unaware of
the running noise. Therefore the outdoor unit can be installed in the corridor,
in the ceiling or in the storey, which avoids the sunshine and rain, as well as
the ill influence on the outlook and the safety of the building.
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