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Name: Gravity type integrated water purifier
Serial number: Pro200931615935
Manufacturer: LZEEP

KG-L type (automatic / manual) integration of water purification equipment Gravity
1. The China KG-L Gravity type integrated water purifier (integrated water clarifier) has the simplicity of operator, the management service convenient merit, compares other water clarifiers to tally with our country national condition and to suit operators' management level. This equipment supply with whole set , not construction, as long as connected to the pipeline can start working.
2. The China Gravity type integrated water purifier based on rivers, lakes and other surface water for the water, set coagulation, reaction, sedimentation, filtration in one water-purification equipment, advanced technology, novel design, compact structure, management simple, easy to operate, such as the re - coupled with alum, disinfecting equipment, with a full set of features can become a water purification station. Mainly suitable for the general countryside, the villages and towns, the Industrial and mining establishment, the school, the station, the wharf, the Construction site, the tour area, the farm, the army barracks and institutions for small enterprises to improve their living quality of drinking water use.
3. The China Gravity type integrated water purifier processing source water turbidity 500-1000PPm (short period of time up to 1500PPm) , water turbidity is less than 3PPm, after chlorine disinfection, you can reach the national drinking water standards.

Principle of KG-L Gravity type integrated water purifier
1. KG-L Gravity type integrated water purifier is a hybrid, reaction, sedimentation, filtration in one unitary equipment, and urban water supply plants, like the purification process, the craft is advanced, the high rate of water loading, water purification effect is good, users of agreed that it is a good water purification equipment.
2. KG-L Gravity type integrated water purifier using a large resistance to water distribution system, in the reaction area will adopt the folded plate hydraulic cycle reaction technology, in order to strengthen cohesion adsorption reaction. The precipitation part uses the slope tube, to raise its precipitation efficiency.
3. KG-L Gravity type integrated water purifier filter part of the integration can be considered to do with the foam bead filter filtration, with a long service life, easy to manage, but once the cost price is higher; also have recourse to effective multi-layer filter filter material, quartz sand, anthracite supply wide, low price, strength, wear-resistance, easy to wash.

Main technical parameters
1. Inclined Plate Length: 1000mm
2. Inclined Plate Inclination: 60 degrees
3. Inclined plate area increased velocity: 2.7 ~ 3mm / s
4. Total stay 45 minutes
5. Filtration rate: 1.8 ~ 2.1mm / S
6. Backwash Pressure 3kg/cm2
7. Backwashing strength of 10-12 l / m 2 s
8. Rinse duration: 3min
Dimension of KG-L Gravity type integrated water purifier
Model Water treatment
M3 /H Inlet Pressure
Mpa Outlook completely inch (millimeter)
KG-L120 Type 5 >=0.1 1500*1200*3200
KG-L240 Type 10 >=0.1 2000*1500*3200
KG-L360 Type 15 >=0.1 2000*1600*3200
KG-L480 Type 20 >=0.1 3000*2000*3200
KG-L720 Type 30 >=0.1 3600*2200*3200
KG-L960 Type 40 >=0.1 4600*2200*3200
KG-L1200 Type 50 >=0.1 5600*2200*3200
KG-L1440 Type 60 >=0.1 5800*2400*3200
KG-L1920 Type 80 >=0.1 7600*2400*3200
KG-L2400 Type 100 >=0.1 9200*2500*3200
Run procedures of Automatic integration of Gravity type integrated water purifier

1. Turns on the water valve, closes the recoil valve (recoil pump) to close the draw-off valve.
2. When the filter laminated to a certain degree of pollution, the water level increased the limit, there are water level controller, action, close the inlet valve, open play (recoil pump) recoil valve, run the work of 3 minutes.
3. Closes the recoil valve (recoil pump) to close the draw-off valve, turns on the inlet valve.
4. Mud for the mud from time to time.
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200 unit per month
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28 days
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1 unit
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