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description: 1. waterproof all-steel cabinets, the front door open design, safety and health, durable and easy installation. 2. advanced ro purification techniques, nine levels effective water treatment, the water quality abide by the national standards. 3. intelligent coin and contactless ic card paper money self-service techniques, billing accuracy of 0.01 yuan. 4. airtight filling & high concentrations of ozone sterilization, eliminate the secondary pollution completely. 5. 24 hour uninterrupted uv sterilization , guarantee the water quality. 6. filling conpartment has the light , so the guest can detect any impurities in the water directly. 7. the light of lighted marquee and filling compartment can be controlled by the photosensor to save the electricity cost. Designed for place: connunity, school, factoy, etc.
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