Sell Water-proof Weighing Scale

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Water-proof Weighing Scale
Model No. :F998F
 internal resolution ration 1/270000
 external resolution ration 1/15000
 better waterproof performance as PCB sealed completely
 instant display, to be stable quickly
 5 digit 0.56-inch LED display
 low voltage indicating ( when DC power) auto-control when charging
 set value alarm function
 power: adaptor and rechargeable storage battery
: Capacity x Division:
1) 6kgW1g , 6lbW0.002lb
2) 6kgW2g , 12lbW0.005lb
3) 15kgW5g , 30lbW0.01lb
4) 30kgW10g , 60lbW0.02lb
: Display: Single or dual display
Platform size (mm) : 230W260

Brand Name
Platform size (mm)&26#65306;230W260
Model Number