Sell Watering truck

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This series product having green protecting environment for many functions, mainly used for road surface cleaning in cities, cleaning in trees, virescence circle, grass virscence, construction of road and factory, upper air building cleaning. It has many functions, such as watering, pressing dust, spraying in high, middle, and low position, pesticide spray, guardrail cleaning, ect.
Spray in front and watering in back, and having side spray and working plate with green watering high press spray device (spray form can be adjusted: vertical form, heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle rain continuous adjustment, the largest range of 28 meters) , using the high power special pumps of Hangzhou Weilong, which win in national quality comparison. Choose guardrail cleaning and pesticide spraying functions, and also have side fire controlling connectors, a flow valves, self- absorbing and belt filter