Sell Waterless Urinal Cubes

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An opportunity to become a sole agent, in your country, or your area, for the EcoBug range of cleaning products that are designed to treat problems in drainage systems. We have:

1/ A direct treatment for restaurant and commercial kitchens, which is automatically dosed into the drains to stop blockages from fat, oil & grease, food waste, starches etc. This system also negates the need for grease traps which are costly to maintain and very often a health hazard. The product can also be used as a weekly pour down in domestic situations.

2/ A range of biological cleaners for floors, carpets, toilets, bathrooms, washrooms etc. These have the cleaning power of traditional cleaning products with advantage of friendly bacteria which degrade organic waste, rather than bleaches soaps and disinfectants which do not remove the organic waste they just mask the problem. We also have a toilet cleaner which doubles up as a septic enhancer.

3/ A waterless urinal system that works which is why it is widely used in UK Government buildings and establishments. It is simply a unique urinal cube which breaks down the urine and other scale forming particles allowing everything to be clean and therefore unable to harbour germs and malodour. There is a saving of four fifths of the costs normally incurred with flush water, de-scaling, fragrance dispensers and general cleaning requirements.

We do many more products and can make bespoke product if there is a need.

We are not a back street outfit we have supplied thousands of customers in the UK and certain parts of European Union for the last ten years. We also have a blossoming presence in Australia where business is almost doubling on a monthly basis.