Sell Watermelons & Galia melons

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we are a company which work in a wholesale since 1961 and we export a high quelity product we export to europe and middleeast. We packing and export now a day a watermelons (scada dark green) and galia melon.

watermelon : 20,21 ,22 23 Kgm net/carton .

size :3,4 ,5 pieces per carton ,

48 carton /pallet.

Galia melons: size 6 , 8 per carton
net wieght : 4.5 , 5.5 kgm net/ carton
160 carton / pallet.

we can supply also Mango all varieties , dried onion , Grapes , orange .

if you intesing please contact us for details.
The Quelity Is Our Target
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Available Colors
dark green
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