Sell Waterproof+Shockproof+Crushproof Safety Equipment Case

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Facts You Need To Know About Pro-cases:

1. Since all Pro-cases are airtight, exercise caution in high humidity climates. We recommend the regular use of a exclusive model with anti-water humidity meter. This absorber can be reused many times. This model is helpful to supervise the humidity in the case.

2. O-Ring Seal: To insure airtight, watertight, it is important that the O-ring groove in bottom and lid side be checked on a regular basis for foreign debris as sand, wigs, paper, etc. The O-ring itself must be free of cuts, corrosion and foreign objects to insure proper seal.

3. Pressure Purge: All Pro-cases are designed to purge off inside pressure automatically. The pressure purge is on the case handle. If you are unable to open the case after flight travel or returning from mountain elevations, you can open the case by simply loosening the purge anti-clockwise to balance the pressure inside and outside the case.

4. Cleaning Instructions: Most stuffs and stains can be removed quickly with household cleaner and soft sponge. Do not use any type of brush that will scratch surface.

5. Should you mistakenly pluck out too many rows of foam cubes, you could replace them by glue.

6. Do not store Pro-cases in car trunk or enclosed areas during warm, humid months in which elevated temperatures may occur. Do not place or store the case in close proximity to any type of heat producing machine or appliances. To do so voids guarantee and can cause severe damage to the case and its contents