Sell Waterproof, Fireproof and Moistureproof Magnesium Ply Plates

Waterproof, Fireproof and Moistureproof Magnesium Ply Plates
The Magnesium Ply Plates is we passes through 15 year success research development high strength environmental protection fire protection, the moisture-proof board, successively through three state-level examination organization several 10 each kind of function target examination.

The Magnesium Ply Plates main characteristic is:
1/Environmental protection: This product formaldehyde release quantity is 0.2mg/L, is lower than the various countries to the building board formaldehyde release quantity strict request (to achieve by far E0 level standard) its product technical sophistication belongs to the international leading status, tasteless, non-toxic, does not have the radioactive rays, does not contain the formaldehyde, the benzene and so on the deleterious substance, to food, the human body is harmless.
2/Fire protection: Can achieve the national GB8624-1997A level incombustibility standard, the being flame-resistant limit is bigger than for 4 hours.
3/Waterproofing: Because of the moisture content, the steam, the moist influence does not distort, changes soft, mildewy or rotten.
4/Light quality: The construction load is small, general partition wall 5kg/m2, firewall (40 kg/m2)
5/tenacity:The anti-impact, Difficult to break off, the bending strength are high, have the good toughness and the rigidity.
6/Easy to install: May saw, may dig, may sew, may drill.
7/Durable: The corrosion resistance, guards against is destroyed by insects, resistant to compression, the acid resistance, the service life is long.
8/Heat preservation: Has the good heat insulation performance and bears the low temperature performance.
9/economize: labor saving, time saving, area saving, upplementary material saving.
10/Sound-insulated: Sound-insulated effect near 40 decibels

Product specification: Scope: 1220*2440mm thickness; 3-48mm