Sell Waterproof Membrane Switch

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Waterproof membrane switch Films from the button switch is flexible insulating material layer and conductive material layer composed of a multilayer structure of non-enclosed self-locking keys open Guan is popular in recent years, the international panel set with a switch function marking the window shows that the lights transparent window, Switching within the Alliance, the lead-out circuit switching into a new micro-current electronic switches to control the assembly, with its conventional mechanical switches, with cosmetic; Longevity, resistance to bending; Sealing strong, waterproof, anti-oil plaster; Seismic, Naishuai; Small, thin, light weight and other conventional switch incomparable advantages. 2, the main products Model: Plane keys without tactile type, button uplift (convex side with a round convex) with metal shrapnel-type keys allodynia, LCD (display window) and LED (LED) - based instruction; Silica matching keys and PCB boards hard, soft FPC boards, aluminum, plexiglass, electronic tablet affixed EL luminescent type.