Sell Wave Soldering Surfactant (NEW without fumes)

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Wave soldering surfactant(WSS-III) is a high-tech product, developed for the use of reduce dross, help you greatly reduce the cost of managing hazardous waste without change it's useful ingredients. wss-III is nontoxic, nonvolatile, no fumes. you can put our products on the surface of tin stove or wave soldering machine under 280 centigrade, it will introduce no fume, this is the new improvement of our products. As the market competition is fierce, what we can do is keep improving our products in order to reach international standards. Our wss-III have passed many authoritative test report such as ROHS, REACH, SGS, MSDS etc, which can prove the quality of our products and eliminate your worry. The most fabulous character is that it can reduce tin slag as much as 80-85%, which can greatly help you decrease production cost in the world faced with the problem of tin scarce
WSS-III can help you solve the problem as follow:
1) reduction cluster of oxidizing tin slag
2) Prevent solder from absorbing oxygen functional cluster in air
3) To strengthen the flow of solder, activation and wettability of neutron and particle
4) Assembly of inorganic interface
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